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Death Metal Illustration

SO… as I mentioned in previous posts, is going to be more fun / sci-fi / comic oriented art like this:


(promo art for a story titled Death Metal, a comic I never fully latched onto enough to warrant finishing) and will be a portfolio dedicated to fine art images I’ve been working on. This illustration is an example of me having fun with inks and subject matter. Although I didn’t continue working on this comic story, for a time girls armed with chainsaws facing horror scenarios got my imagination going. Maybe it’s all of those B-movies I grew up on?  Maybe it was the Evil Dead reboot? Maybe I’ll revisit this subject eventually but for now I think I’ll let it lie!

As for the inking… I don’t think this is the best example of my work! I feel like it’s a weird blend of both tentative but at times heavy handed. It’s amazing how much thought and effort go into sketching and penciling something, and then, what I think can accurately be described as insecure inking, can sap the life right out of it. Might do well with some color but I’ve got a lot of other work to get through before I jump in with that!


“This Old House” Illustration

Dug through the archives to find this – another example of my old acrylic technique, illustration for a story called “This Old House” published in the now defunct, Blank Canvas Magazine. 

This Old House

Although it was ultimately published (in all of its glory), I had a habit of downplaying my older work. It was an awkward scene from an interesting play, wherein a newlywed couple cracks a hole in the wall of their house and begins pulling out miscellaneous items, including an old dress (I tried to find a link to the original story – but googling “this old house” didn’t turn up much beyond home improvement sites.) As a bit of self-criticism, I could’ve done more to make the dress appear old fashioned, as well as make those folds agree a little more convincingly, but what’s done is done! I think the rest of the technique holds together fairly well. Do you agree?


Mezcal Tee Shirt Design

Here’s the design for the new Mezcal Cantina (Niche Hospitality Group, Worcester MA)  tee shirts. Similarly themed from the past Mezcal post, this time I had some fun drawing a room full of calaveras rocking out, recently found out it will be used as the staff’s tee shirt design.

Mezcal Leominster Tee Shirt

This was all created as vector art, which not only means that it was easier to add all of those rib cages and teeth, but it can also be enlarged for a wall decal, billboard, etc… without losing any clarity.

Old Children’s book work

At sort of a loss for what to post today, so here’s an old painting I did for a Children’s book which unfortunately was not picked up and therefore I don’t have many other paintings quite like this! As for the project being dropped, no hard feelings (especially at this point in time), and at least I got to work on my acrylic technique and had this promo piece to add to the portfolio.

Kid in tree Childrens book promo

As you can see (maybe?) I was into this, “I want to be Norman Rockwell,” phase because I got the feeling that that’s what the writer was looking for.  At the end of the day I think I want to see myself as being more “edgy” but then I look at this and think, “nothin’ wrong with a little Norman Rockwell,” right? But then the world’s so full of imitators, what’s going to be that thing only McNemesis does and stands out?? Well, better stop typing and get working on it.


Dr. Gonzo’s

Here’s a design that was used for Dr. Gonzo’s, ahem. “Wild Beaver Rub” tee-shirt design a few years back. It’s an old one, yeah, and for some reason I don’t think I ever posted it before..?

Dr. Gonzo Wild Beaver Rub

I’d initially drawn something a little more straightforward, wanting to show off my semi-realism skills if at all possible, I guess. I thought the concept for the shirt was wacky enough that contrasting it with this kind of art would be funny in a deadpan kind of way.
I'm So Hot Right Now




Drumpf am winning again

I posted this pig-nose Trump on Facebook a while ago (gut reaction to some statements he’d made at the time) but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to throw it up on the ol’ blog in response to the fact that this guy’s pretty much cinched the presidential nomination. We’ll see what happens… Wouldn’t mind working on another one on the same theme but I’m busy doing up sketches for a client at the moment so it’ll have to wait.

We’ll see what happens…




Superhero Portraits

A few samples of Superhero portraits from Boston Comic Con and past events. Before attempting this Maggie and I talked about how caricatures in general are kind of weird because of the tiny bodies and exaggerated features / big noggins… So to get around that aspect, and fit the comic book theme, I thought I’d try doing them at extreme angles with foreshortening:


Super Portrait 03

Super Portrait 04

Super Portrait 05

Makes sense, right? I would like to get back to doing some of these again for kids’ parties which, as a bonus, also comes with unique party favors / mementos! If interested send me a message through the contact page.



Tattoo Design

Tattoo designed for a client a little over a year ago … Slow blogger. It’s also an early attempt at inking over pencils in photoshop.  I’ve always found photoshop to be a more intuitive program to just jump into because the process is closer to traditional media (except for good ol’ Ctrl-Z… and duplicating) but,  strangely enough, and after a lot of practice, I’ve come to prefer using Illustrator for finishes  because it’s easier to bump up the thickness of a line and make clean / quick edits. Things wind up looking more deliberate but then… that’s the goal sometimes.

Anyway,  take a look, comments welcome!



Calavera Window Wraps

Was recently contacted by the Niche Group and asked about decorating the windows of their (expanded) Mezcal location in Leominster, MA. They were looking for something inspired by José Posada’s prints but with a modern touch, so I added a few hipster calaveras as well as some cellphone-selfie takers. We wanted it to look like a fun time for a bunch of skellingtons:

Posada inspired window decorations for Mezcal, Leominster.

Mezcal Leominster Window 2

How’d we do??

If anyone’s curious – I sketched these out on good old fashioned pencil and paper and then took some time “inking” it as vector art (courtesy Adobe Illustrator) so it could be enlarged by about 1000% without losing  image quality.  Troy Pontbriand (their graphic designer) did a nice job handing these files and turning around the final product:

Mezcal Leominster Exterior

And I thought it was cool that one of those skulls worked out pretty well for use as part of the sign for the newly expanded bar area:

el bar

Will have to drive out and see it in person one of these days!