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Old Children’s book work

At sort of a loss for what to post today, so here’s an old painting I did for a Children’s book which unfortunately was not picked up and therefore I don’t have many other paintings quite like this! As for the project being dropped, no hard feelings (especially at this point in time), and at least I got to work on my acrylic technique and had this promo piece to add to the portfolio.

Kid in tree Childrens book promo

As you can see (maybe?) I was into this, “I want to be Norman Rockwell,” phase because I got the feeling that that’s what the writer was looking for.  At the end of the day I think I want to see myself as being more “edgy” but then I look at this and think, “nothin’ wrong with a little Norman Rockwell,” right? But then the world’s so full of imitators, what’s going to be that thing only McNemesis does and stands out?? Well, better stop typing and get working on it.