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Superhero Portraits

A few samples of Superhero portraits from Boston Comic Con and past events. Before attempting this Maggie and I talked about how caricatures in general are kind of weird because of the tiny bodies and exaggerated features / big noggins… So to get around that aspect, and fit the comic book theme, I thought I’d try doing them at extreme angles with foreshortening:


Super Portrait 03

Super Portrait 04

Super Portrait 05

Makes sense, right? I would like to get back to doing some of these again for kids’ parties which, as a bonus, also comes with unique party favors / mementos! If interested send me a message through the contact page.



Tattoo Design

Tattoo designed for a client a little over a year ago … Slow blogger. It’s also an early attempt at inking over pencils in photoshop.  I’ve always found photoshop to be a more intuitive program to just jump into because the process is closer to traditional media (except for good ol’ Ctrl-Z… and duplicating) but,  strangely enough, and after a lot of practice, I’ve come to prefer using Illustrator for finishes  because it’s easier to bump up the thickness of a line and make clean / quick edits. Things wind up looking more deliberate but then… that’s the goal sometimes.

Anyway,  take a look, comments welcome!



Calavera Window Wraps

Was recently contacted by the Niche Group and asked about decorating the windows of their (expanded) Mezcal location in Leominster, MA. They were looking for something inspired by José Posada’s prints but with a modern touch, so I added a few hipster calaveras as well as some cellphone-selfie takers. We wanted it to look like a fun time for a bunch of skellingtons:

Posada inspired window decorations for Mezcal, Leominster.

Mezcal Leominster Window 2

How’d we do??

If anyone’s curious – I sketched these out on good old fashioned pencil and paper and then took some time “inking” it as vector art (courtesy Adobe Illustrator) so it could be enlarged by about 1000% without losing  image quality.  Troy Pontbriand (their graphic designer) did a nice job handing these files and turning around the final product:

Mezcal Leominster Exterior

And I thought it was cool that one of those skulls worked out pretty well for use as part of the sign for the newly expanded bar area:

el bar

Will have to drive out and see it in person one of these days!


Pale Dragon Promo Poster

I entered a web comic contest a while back and created this image just to help promote. It didn’t go TOO badly, and it was fun (thanks to all the supporters out there!) but, nah, Pale Dragon didn’t bring home the win! It kept me busy converting standard comic pages to something fitting a web based comic, and makes me think about developing more work specifically for web.

Pale Dragon Contest Pinup