Death Metal Illustration

SO… as I mentioned in previous posts, is going to be more fun / sci-fi / comic oriented art like this:


(promo art for a story titled Death Metal, a comic I never fully latched onto enough to warrant finishing) and will be a portfolio dedicated to fine art images I’ve been working on. This illustration is an example of me having fun with inks and subject matter. Although I didn’t continue working on this comic story, for a time girls armed with chainsaws facing horror scenarios got my imagination going. Maybe it’s all of those B-movies I grew up on?  Maybe it was the Evil Dead reboot? Maybe I’ll revisit this subject eventually but for now I think I’ll let it lie!

As for the inking… I don’t think this is the best example of my work! I feel like it’s a weird blend of both tentative but at times heavy handed. It’s amazing how much thought and effort go into sketching and penciling something, and then, what I think can accurately be described as insecure inking, can sap the life right out of it. Might do well with some color but I’ve got a lot of other work to get through before I jump in with that!